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IPC - IPC Standard - IPC-1751A

Generic Requirements for Declaration Process Managemnt

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This standard provides the principles and details necessary for declarations between members of a supply chain. Although this 1751A standard contains only generic information regarding trading partners, when combined with another specific 175x Sectional standard, the resulting document set is used to define and maintain the declaration information. The requirements pertain to both hard copy and electronic data descriptions. This standard provides for the creation of a record between trading partners, and therefore the data communicated may be used to help support and demonstrate due diligence in any subsequent representation based upon its contents. 

Purpose The purpose of the standard is to establish a methodology for a product or business attribute declaration process between suppliers and their customers which will define the form, structure, and content of the declaration to such an extent that it may be conveyed electronically without the necessity of human intervention. The standard benefits its adherents by providing consistency, efficiency, and integrity to the declaration process. 

The purpose of this document is also to describe in text what the electronic data content consists of, so that its capabilities can be assessed, judged, and adopted by those in need of such a standardized approach to information exchange. 

Because organizations may choose to verify information provided under this standard, brief procedures are described within this standard for such verification.


    IPC-A-610  IPC-A-600 IPC-A-620 IPC-7711/7721