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IPC - IPC Standard - IPC-1782
Standard for Manufacturing and Supply Chain Traceability of Electronic Products
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This standard establishes minimum requirements for manufacturing and supply chain traceability based on perceived risk as agreed between user and supplier (AABUS). This standard applies to all products, processes, assemblies, parts, components, equipment used and other items as defined by users and suppliers in the manufacture of printed board assemblies, as well as mechanical assembly. 

Minimum requirements are based on four levels of traceability for materials and processes. These levels can correlate to the IPC Product Classification System (Class 1, Class 2 and Class 3) and/or another set of categories of compliance, based on the business model/economic needs of the end-use market for the final product (e.g., telecom, aerospace, automotive, medical device, consumer electronics, etc.) or a subassembly within that product.  


Historically, the lack of a uniform component traceability standard has caused an unnecessary consumption of resources (e.g., time, people, money, etc.) to track events or parts to their sources and to remedy any quality, reliability, etc., issues. Lack of a standard has also made it difficult to uniformly create and appropriately enforce the necessary contracts. 

The traceability information detailed in this standard is intended to improve operational efficiency and productivity, quality and reliability as well as to enable activities such as predictive maintenance in the manufacturing environment. This standard can help organizations more easily ensure end users/consumers will receive products and services that meet or exceed their expectations in the timeliest and most economically viable method. 

This standard can also aid in reducing counterfeit components in an organization’s supply chain, whether using an authorized supplier or not.


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