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IPC - IPC Standard - IPC-2511
IPC-2511B :
Generic Requirements for Implementation of Product Manufacturing Description Data and Transfer XML Schema Methodology.
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Date of Publication 2002  

Description / Abstract:

This standard specifies the XML schema that represents the data file format used to describe printed board and printed board assembly products with details sufficient for tooling, manufacturing, assembly, inspection and testing requirements. This format may be used for transmitting information between a printed board designer and a manufacturing or assembly facility. The data is most useful when the manufacturing cycle includes computer-aided processes and numerical control machines.

The data can be defined in either English or International System of Units (SI) units.

GenCAM Focus

The GenCAM format requirements are provided in a series of standards focused on printed board manufacturing, assembly, inspection, and testing. This standard series consists of a generic standard (IPC-2511) which contains all the general requirements. There are seven sectional standards that are focused on the XML details necessary to accumulate information in the single GenCAM file, that addresses the needs of the manufacturing disciplines producing a particular product. The sectional standards (IPC-2512 through 2518) paraphrase the important requirements and provide suggested usage and examples for the topic covered by the sectional standard.


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