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IPC - IPC Standard - IPC-2612
IPC-2612 :
Sectional Requirements for Electronic Diagramming documentation (Schematic and Logic Descriptions)
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This standard establishes the requirements for the documentation of electronic diagrams used as the foundation for defining the electrical interconnectivity of electronic parts. The description pertains to either schematic diagrams, logic diagrams or Boolean truth tables and includes methodology for defining circuit flow, electrical or functional restrictions, or maintenance test procedures used to design or maintain the electronic product. The requirements pertain to hard copy, electronic copy or electronic data descriptions. 


The purpose of this document is to establish a consistent set of naming conventions, schematic and logic attributes, and documentation standards. The standard should ensure that all schematics and logic descriptions contain the information required for inspection, hardware realization, software development, and design reuse. 

The initial schematic/ logic diagram designates the electrical functions and interconnectivity to be provided by the printed board and its assembly. The schematic should define, when applicable, critical circuit layout areas, shielding requirements, grounding and power distribution requirements, the allocation of test points, and any pre-assigned input/output connector locations. Schematic information may be generated as hard copy or computer data (manually or automated). 



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