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IPC - IPC Standard - IPC-6016
IPC-6016 :

Qualification and Performance Specification for High Density Interconnect (HDI) Layers or Boards

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Rev 1999  
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Date of Publication 1999  
This specification establishes the specific requirements for organic high-density interconnect (HDI) layers with microvia technology and the quality and reliability assurance requirements that must be met for their acquisition.


The requirements contained herein are intended to reflect the electrical, mechanical, and environmental properties unique to the HDI layer. It is NOT intended to specify overall requirements for the core, which are already documented in the sectional performance specifications: IPC-6012 (rigid), IPC-6013 (flex), IPC-6015 (MCM-L), or IPC-6018 (microwave).

Performance Classification

This specification recognizes HDI layers or boards will be subject to variations in performance requirements based on end use. The acceptance criteria of HDI layers are organized into slash sheet categories (A, B, C, etc., see Appendix A), which reflect those typical end-use applications. Users of this document shall select a slash sheet category that most closely resembles their product and are encouraged to modify it as necessary.

Slash Sheet Categories

A. Chip Carrier

B. Hand Held (cell phones, pagers)

C. High Performance (avionics, military, medical)

D. Harsh Environment (automotive, space)

E. Portable (laptops, PDAs)

Documentation Hierarchy

This document, combined with IPC-6011 and the applicable sectional performance specification(s) (IPC-6012, IPC-6013, IPC-6015 or IPC-6018), constitute a qualification and performance specification for HDI layers or boards.
IPC-A-610  IPC-A-600 IPC-A-620 IPC-7711/7721