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IPC - IPC Standard - IPC-9504
Assembly Process Simulation for Evaluation of Non-IC Components
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Rev 1998    
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Date of Publication 1998  

Non-IC Component Evaluations This document describes manufacturing process simulations for use with applicable component specifications to assure that electronic components can meet expected reliability requirements after exposure to assembly factory processes. It is not intended as an assembly production specification or a stand-alone qualification document. The procedure consists of a set of assembly process simulations that can be performed by either the component user or manufacturer prior to reliability testing as specified in the applicable component qualification and reliability monitoring documents. The simulations include alternative conditions depending on the component type, physical characteristics and anticipated use. The levels defined can be used for describing either expected performance characteristics by the manufacturer or the required characteristics for the users assembly process. It is expected that a single component would be evaluated for a subset of the alternative conditions. For example, large connectors might be qualified utilizing the lower of two reflow temperature ranges while smaller packages, which typically become much hotter during infrared or convection reflow, might be qualified for the higher range. Similarly, components with physical characteristics that prohibit total immersion cleaning would not be evaluated for this type of cleaning process. Unless otherwise specified, this document applies to both surface-mount (SM) reflowed components and throughhole (TH) components, which are wave soldered or reflowed. For wave solder of SM components, user and supplier should work together to identify appropriate procedures.

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