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IPC - IPC Standard - IPC-A-600
IPC-A-600J :Acceptability of Printed Boards
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IPC-A-600J Acceptability of Printed Boards

The definitive illustrated guide to printed board acceptability! This four-color document provides photographs and illustrations of the target, acceptable and nonconforming conditions that are either internally or externally observable on bare printed boards. Make sure your operators, inspectors, and engineers have the most current industry consensus information. With 120 new or revised photographs and illustrations, revision J provides new coverage on topics such as microvia contact dimensions, plating, voiding and fill, along with updated and expanded coverage for dielectric removal (etchback, smear and wicking), plating folds, surface plating for edge connectors, SMT and BGA pads, marking, hole registration, delamination, cap plating, via fill and flexible circuits. The document synchronizes to the acceptability requirements expressed in IPC-6012D and IPC-6013C. Supersedes IPC-A-600H.

This document provides many updates, including: 

  • New Requirements for Microvia and Target Land Registration
  • New Requirements for Microvia and Target Land Defects and Penetration
  • New Requirements for Copper Filled Microvias
  • Process Indicators Condition Further Defined
  • Haloing Penetration Distance Updated
  • Nicks & Penetration Further Defined
  • Crazing Penetration Criteria Updated
  • Voids – Copper Plating, Finished Coating Photos Updated
  • Surface Plating – Edge Connector Lands, Further Defined and new photos
  • Surface Plating – Rectangular Surface Mount Lands, Defined and new photos

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